SEP 2020

As a responsible employer, we place great importance on keeping our employees safe and reassured in these difficult times.

Here at Fox in a Box Chicago, we seek to create truly memorable experiences for our players, and a great workplace for our staff.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees (in addition to that of our players) has always been one of our foremost concerns.

As a customer-facing business, we can’t implement work from home effectively.

However, as a responsible Chicago employer, we have taken a number of steps to protect and support our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shutting down during the critical phase

During the early stages, when COVID-19 cases went out of control, we took a decision to shut down prior to the governor’s order and wait it out.

Staff shouldn't have to choose between work
and health.

As per the then government advisory, we could have continued operating, with appropriate hygiene precautions, but we considered it too great a risk for our players and for our staff to carry on.

We reopened only when the government advisory suggested that new cases were declining.

Accordingly, Fox in a Box Chicago was closed from March 20 until July 10, 2020, ensuring that our staff stayed home during the worst phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Chicago.

While brainstorming how to protect and support our staff after reopening, we realized that we needed to intervene in 2 ways:

  • Health and hygiene measures.

  • Financial and emotional support.

Accordingly, here’s what we have done...

Health and hygiene measures


Staff must be trained in hygiene, and provided

with things like handrubs.

Broadly speaking, we took measures to:

  • Minimize physical interaction between our staff and players.

  • Thoroughly clean our rooms after every game.

  • Enable our staff to maintain personal hygiene and physical distancing amongst themselves.

Pre-recorded instructions for players

After “games mastering-ing”, the most important thing our staff would have to do is meet with the players and fill them in about their escape game.

Rather than do that in our small lobby situation, we now do that in the wide open and airy atrium on the lobby level of our building, Dearborn Station.

In light of physical distancing guidelines, when we do need to be in our lobby, we have replaced our in-lobby rules with pre-recorded instructions.

SOP for any interaction with players

We have tried to make any interaction with players as touchless as possible.

Delivering hints to players

Earlier, we used to hand over cards to players, to deliver hints, as a kind of immersion.


One of our good ol' hint cards.

Now, in light of physical distancing guidelines, we:

  • Display hints over the screen, or

  • Talk over the microphone.

If anything HAS to be handled between players and staff, we have instructed the staff to sanitize the item before offering it to players, AND when taking it back.

Costumes have been dropped for the time being, as it’s a challenge handling and cleaning them after every use.

Cleaning of our rooms after every game

Here again, we have gone above and beyond the industry standard, by disinfecting our rooms after every game by fogging it with an EPA registered disinfectant.