What is Fox in a Box - Chicago?

Fox in a Box - Chicago is a premium provider of room escape games for team building. Participants sign up for a "mission" (a live experience with a particular theme), are placed in a room and are given 60 minutes to find clues, solve a series of puzzles and hopefully succeed in their chosen mission.

How much does it cost?

Price varies based on the number of players, the day of the week, the time of day and the room selected. Your best bet is to go to https://www.foxinaboxchicago.com/reservation/multiple and enter the date, time and number of people. Corporate pricing is higher. Please also be aware that once the booking is confirmed, refunds and cancellations are not accepted. Bookings cannot be rescheduled less than 72 hours in advance. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal accounts. Due to the pandemic, walk-in and last minute additions are NOT allowed. Please call +1 312 878 7899 if you need to make any last minute additions.

How should I prepare?

This is an activity, and everything you need to do it will be provided. A few key notes:
  • Dress comfortably. You will be moving around, and you will get excited. Stilettos, haute couture and too much perfume are not going to work out.
  • Speaking of stilettos, no tools of any kind are necessary. Electronics will be stored safely for you, and weapons are not allowed in the facility.
  • This is about using your mind and communicating clearly with the rest of your team. Participating under the influence will not help and is strongly discouraged. Anyone ascertained as being "too much under the influence" will be asked to leave the premises. You will be stimulated enough without the need for further stimulants.
  • You will need to sign a release form before participating. It can be filled out before you arrive here
If you're looking for more pointers, check out Escape Rooms 101 by Scott Nicholson. It's an excellent introduction to the genre and what to expect.

What time do I need to arrive?

Please arrive at the appointed time for your game. We do budget some leeway, but if you show up more than 5 minutes after the appointed time, you risk forfeiting part or all of your time slot. This is because each mission rotates on a 90-minute cycle; we cannot cause delays for other teams following yours. You will need a few minutes to check in and deal with any last minute restroom breaks. Then 5 minutes will be dedicated towards an introduction which includes the scope of your mission plus rules of the game. Each mission lasts up to 60 minutes (less if you escape early). After the game, another few minutes are set aside to take your team photo; most teams also want to talk about their specific gaming experience. The whole event lasts 80-90 minutes.

Team sizes

Team sizes typically range from 3 to 6 players. The ideal group is between 3 and 5 players. While two people can play, it is much harder to achieve a mission and there is a minimum charge assuming 3 players, but you will enjoy it regardless.

If you're a larger group (7+), we recommend splitting into multiple rooms. That way everyone still has plenty of fun.

If you have 7-10 players and really, really do not want to split up, by special arrangement we offer our corporate popup room in a meeting room of our own. It does not have the immersive level of our regular rooms, but is very fun for a larger group looking for a little competition.

Accessibility and special requirements

Our rooms have varying level of accessibility; people who are mobility-challenged and require the aid of a wheelchair or walker can fully enjoy some of our rooms. Some manipulation of fine objects will be required in all of our rooms. If you have concerns, please contact us to discuss before booking a room. Our missions do not involve any real fear factor and they are all private so are suitable for those concerned about sharing an experience with strangers or those who scare easily. Seats are readily made available in the room(s) if a team member needs to rest for a while. Flashing lights and smoke effects can used in some of the rooms. In summary, while you won't be physically challenged you will be mentally challenged, so prepare for that. If you have any special considerations or questions, do not hesitate to email info@foxinaboxchicago.com for more information.

Age limits

Zodiac is limited to those of 18 years or older. No exceptions. In our other rooms, everyone must be 15 or older. Teams with children aged 12-14 are welcome to play as long as they include at least one of their parents/guardians. Groups with children under 12 are required to have at least 1:1 adult:child ratio. Some young children under 12 have been known to be disturbed by the sound effects, lighting or timing so parental discretion is advised. Release forms will need to be filled out by a responsible adult for every participant under 18 prior to participation.

We also have "child-friendly" versions of The Prison and The Bunker where adults are not required to be in the room (but are required to remain close by in our lobby in case any issues arise). Please visit https://www.foxinaboxchicago.com/articles/article/l_114 for more information on child and teen friendly options.

Fox in a Box is fully booked up, how can we play?

Fox in a Box - Chicago has a waiting list where you can put your contact information to be notified if there is a cancelation. Also, weekday availability generally opens up a few weeks before game time. And all bookings are blocked off more than 8 weeks ahead of time. If you are interested in booking more than 8 weeks out, you can call us at +1 312 878 7899 to set up a corporate booking.

Are young children free?

Unfortunately, Fox in a Box is an activity designed for adults and it is best played by adults and young adults who can completely focus on their adventure. As a result, we do not recommend bringing very young children. In keeping with this adult oriented activity perspective, we do not offer any discounts for younger ages.

Are players locked in the rooms?

No. Fox in a Box - Chicago has taken the live "room escape" to the next level and missions go beyond a simple escape. Teams need to succeed in a thematic mission, accomplishing many tasks along the way, with the guidance and assistance of our game masters who play a pivotal role in the experience. The room door is closed yet unlocked the entire 60-minute session. Those attempting to escape from The Prison, have a "panic button" which will unlock their cell in the event that claustrophobia or another emergency occurs, however this action will forfeit this particular game. If an unexpected restroom break is required, participants can exit and return back to most games, the exception being prematurely unlocking the cell in The Prison.

Team building events & venue

Fox in a Box - Chicago is an excellent choice for corporate or educational team building events for groups of up to 35 (or 70 with some extra splitting). Team members have to work together and use logic, creativity and communication skills to overcome problems and "escape." As a paid option, your Human Resource manager may sit with our Room Master and observe the game in order to garner insight into team dynamics. We also offer open bar & food packages in partnership with Bar Louie. And we have an organizational psychologist who can set up a formal team-building retreat. Fox in a Box - Chicago really is the ultimate team building venue!

Email info@foxinaboxchicago.com for further information on corporate or educational team building events.

Are reservations required?

Yes. Due to the pandemic, we will not allow walk in clients. If you cannot use the website to book or see availability, call 312-878-7899.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Need a unique gift for a special occasion? Fox in a Box gift vouchers are the answer! If you give an experience like Fox in a Box - Chicago to your friends, they will be forever grateful (even if they do not escape!). They can be purchased directly here. Gift vouchers are valid for up to 5 years after their purchase date.

Do we need to wear masks?

For guests: Masks are welcomed but not required. Staff may wear a mask in front of guests.

If you are looking for further assistance in regards to our mask policy, please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you.

Can I host my children's birthday there?

We are happy to host your child's birthday at our escape rooms. We recommend our "child-friendly" version of The Bunker where children ages 10-14 are able to play the game on their own. Parents are not required to be in the room, but are required to remain close by in our lobby in case any issues arise. We unfortunately do not offer a party room for food/drinks/presents, but there are plenty of great restaurants located nearby that can host party groups.

Please visit https://www.foxinaboxchicago.com/articles/article/l_114 for more information on child and teen friendly options.

What if I need more time?

Unfortunately, standard bookings are for 1 hour. That said, sometimes groups are determined to finish with absolutely no hints and seemingly no limit on the clock. In this case, they should book back to back rooms (e.g. two bunker sessions in a row). We will just let them stay until they are out of reservation time, or until they make their escape. Naturally, this must be booked beforehand to avoid inconveniencing other guests.

Is this scary/gory?

The emphasis in all of our rooms is on having fun, so dramatic tension, surprising sound effects and ominous music are definitely used. Those of a particularly sensitive nature (like my 9 year old daughter), might be scared or disturbed. As for gore, in the case of the Zodiac, there will be blood, periods of group separation and some periods of darkness -- it is for 18+ years old only. In the case of the Prison and Zodiac , you will be locked in (albeit with a "panic" button which lets you completely out). The Bunker is an attempt to save the world from nuclear annihilation which some might think of as scary (my 9 year old daughter was all good). And if you are unsure about breaking into The Bank, please know that our guards are not armed and the worst (or best) thing that might happen is that you are sent to The Prison (extra charges and pre-arrangements are required).

How should members of the press get photos or get their questions answered?

Please see our presskit at https://www.foxinaboxchicago.com/articles/article/l_163?lang=eng .

Do you buy your room designs?

All of our rooms come from the Fox in a Box franchise based in Hungary. So, if you have not played at a Fox in a Box (or at Room Escape Los Angeles, by Fox in a Box), you will not have played our rooms. (For those who are curious about why this question even exists, many escape rooms purchase rooms from design vendors, change the names and so on. And for people who have played many escape rooms, it's quite possible that those players will experience the exact same room albeit with a different name. As you can imagine, this is a frustrating experience for all parties.)

How to get to Fox in a Box?

We are located on the lower level of the historic Dearborn Station in Chicago's Printers Row neighborhood just south of the Congress Parkway. Our address is 47 W Polk Street, Suite L5, Chicago, IL 60605.

Public transport:
  • Subway Red Line: Exit at Harrison station at the southern exit, and you are on W Polk Street.
  • Subway Blue Line: Exit at LaSalle station and walk 2 blocks south to W Polk Street.
  • Elevated Orange and Green Lines: Exit at Roosevelt station and walk 2 blocks north to W Polk Street.
  • Elevated Gold, Pink, Purple Express and Brown Lines: Exit at HW Library and walk 3 blocks south to W Polk Street.
  • Bus Lines 6, 22, 24, 29, 62 and 146 have stops within a few blocks or yards of W Polk Street.

Divvy Bike: There is a Divvy station at Polk & Dearborn, immediately adjacent to 47 W Polk Street.

Taxi: Chicago offers several taxi services including Uber. Check listings on-line.

Car: Metered street parking is available at a cost of $4/hour for up to 3 hours. All day "stack" parking is available behind the building (pricing varies by the demand/whim of the attendant). ParkWhiz.com has numerous nearby options showing a map with price for the duration you require. (Following the link to ParkWhiz should give a $5 discount for first time users.)