The justice system is flawed and imperfect. You discover this first-hand having been sentenced to life in prison, without chance of parole, for a crime you did not commit. All requests for appeals have been denied. The only path to freedom is to breakout, but you are in a maximum-security cell and are constantly monitored. Suddenly, a riot erupts in another prison block. Your guard has left his post. This is your only chance for liberty. Are you quick-witted and resourceful enough to escape?

The Prison is designed for a team of 3-6 players, but is playable by 2.  If you want the child-friendly version, call us at least 24 hours before your game at +1 312 878 7899.  

If you have any concerns regarding flashing lights, separation anxiety, or extreme claustrophobia please contact us directly or tell your Gamemaster when you arrive.

All photos are from actual Chicago location


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MONDAY 12/02/2024