DEC 2023

Unlock innovative team engagement ideas for effective leadership growth.

Searching for team building activities for managers? 

As Chicago's top escape room, Fox in a Box, we have hosted numerous team building events for both small & local businesses to large corporations. 

We’ve compiled this guide for HR professionals, team leaders, and managers seeking effective team building, based on our experience. 

From in-office workshops to outdoor adventures, we cover a wide range of options. 

Each one is designed to boost communication, collaboration, and team morale. 

Dive in to discover how these activities can elevate your leadership and strengthen your team.

In-office team building activities for managers

Group of managers in a group discussion during an in-office team building activity.

These activities need to offer a blend of convenience and effectiveness.

In-office team building activities offer a blend of convenience and effectiveness. 

They can be seamlessly integrated into the workday, minimizing disruption while maximizing participation. 

They play a crucial role in enhancing workplace dynamics, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, and boosting team morale and productivity. 

Don’t mistake their simplicity for futility - these activities are efficient and impactful for strengthening teams within the corporate setting.

Professional development book club

Books for a professional development book club.

Discover growth through shared reading in your team.

Group size: Variable (5-15 people)

Objectives: Encourage continuous learning and personal development

Time commitment: 1-hour events held monthly

Space requirements: Conference room or common area

A professional development book club involves selecting books relevant to your industry or professional growth. 

Meetings are held monthly, where team members discuss key takeaways and insights. 

This format nurtures a learning culture and facilitates idea-sharing and professional growth, essential for dynamic leadership.

Mindfulness and wellness workshops

Office team engaging in a mindfulness and wellness workshop with yoga and meditation.

Embracing tranquility at work - join mindfulness and wellness workshops

Group size: Small to medium (10-20 people)

Objectives: Improve focus, reduce stress, and promote well-being

Time commitment: 1-hour sessions, bi-weekly or monthly

Space requirements: Quiet, comfortable space like a conference room

Workshops may include meditation, yoga, or stress management sessions. 

These are structured to fit into the workday, offering a much-needed break to employees. 

Such workshops enhance focus and well-being and promote a healthier, more productive workplace.

Skill swap sessions

Employees engaging in a skill swap session, sharing knowledge and skills with each other.

Fostering a collaborative learning environment in skill swap sessions.

Group size: Small to large (6-12 people)

Objectives: Share knowledge, learn new skills, foster cross-departmental understanding

Time commitment: 45-minute sessions, quarterly

Space requirements: Flexible office space or conference room

In these sessions, employees share unique skills or knowledge with their colleagues. 

The format is informal yet structured, fostering a collaborative learning environment. 

It's an excellent way for team members to learn from each other, building a stronger, more versatile team.

Cultural celebration days

Employees engaging in cultural discussions during a cultural celebration day at the office.

Embracing diversity with cultural discussions – a gateway to global understanding

Group size: Company-wide (20-50 people)

Objectives: Foster inclusivity, celebrate diversity

Time commitment: Half-day events, annually or bi-annually

Space requirements: Common areas or large meeting spaces

These days involve celebrating different cultures through activities, food, and presentations. 

Employees can share aspects of their culture, enhancing understanding and appreciation within the team. 

It's an engaging way to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Collaborative art project

Team members engaging in a collaborative art project, creating a painting together.

A team collaborating on a pottery project.

Group size: Small to medium teams (5-10 people)

Objectives: Foster creativity, teamwork, and office beautification

Time commitment: 2-3 hour project

Space requirements: Common area or designated project space

Teams collaborate on an art project, which could range from painting to sculpture. 

This activity encourages creativity and teamwork, resulting in a piece of art that can be displayed in the office. 

It's a tangible representation of teamwork and collective effort.

Innovation lab day

Employees are given a day to work on innovative projects or problem-solving tasks.

Sparking creativity in the innovation lab – a day for out-of-the-box thinking.

Group size: Individual or small teams (3-6 people)

Objectives: Encourage innovation, problem-solving, and creative thinking

Time commitment: Full day (6-8 hours)

Space requirements: Conference room, common area, or flexible workspace

Employees are given a day to work on innovative projects or problem-solving tasks. 

This can be done individually or in small teams. 

Ideas are then presented with the potential for implementation. 

It’s a great way for managers to tap into the creative potential of their teams, fostering a culture of innovation.

Off-site indoor team building activities for managers

Team with us at Fox in a Box Chicago Escape Room for team building.

Experience the thrill of team building in our escape room - a perfect blend of challenge and fun.

Stepping out of the office for team building offers a refreshing change of scenery and an opportunity to engage in unique, stimulating experiences.

Off-site indoor activities, such as cooking classes and escape room challenges, allow teams to connect and collaborate in novel ways. 

These activities enhance team dynamics through shared, memorable experiences and rejuvenate team spirit. 

By participating in creative and challenging activities away from the regular work environment, managers can foster stronger connections among team members, promoting a more cohesive and vibrant team culture.

Wine or craft beer tasting with a twist

Team participating in a wine tasting team building activity with a creative twist.

Exploring flavors together is a fantastic way to team-build, don’t you think?

Group size: Medium to large (15-30 people)

Objectives: Enhance sensory skills, team bonding, and knowledge sharing

Time commitment: 2-3 hours

Wine or craft beer tasting events with a twist involve more than just savoring drinks. 

Teams engage in activities like guessing the origins or ingredients of different beverages, turning the event into a playful and educational experience. 

This activity not only enhances mental coordination but also encourages team bonding

It's a fun way for team members to learn new things together, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and lighthearted competition.

Interactive cooking classes

Team members participating in an interactive cooking class guided by a professional chef.

Team collaboration in the kitchen sparks creative flavors.

Group size: Small to medium (8-20 people)

Objectives: Promote innovation, communication, and teamwork

Time commitment: 3-4 hours

Interactive cooking classes offer a hands-on experience where team members collaborate to prepare a meal under the guidance of a professional chef. 

This activity is not just about cooking; it teaches teamwork, innovation, and communication. 

As teams work together to follow recipes and create dishes, they develop a deeper understanding of cooperation and the importance of each member's role in achieving a common goal.

Improv workshop

Team members participating in an improv workshop for building cohesion.

Energize your team with an improv workshop - creativity and fun at its best.

Group size: Variable (10-25 people)

Objectives: Enhance quick thinking, adaptability, and collaboration

Time commitment: 2-3 hours

An improv workshop is an energetic and dynamic way to build team cohesion. 

Team members practice quick thinking, adaptability, and collaboration through various improv exercises and games. 

These activities (which are a top Chicago indoor team activity) challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones, fostering an environment where creativity and spontaneity are valued. 

The skills developed in these sessions can translate back into the workplace, enhancing overall team performance.

Escape room challenge