MAY 2020

From how we work to how we relax, here are 4 changes we can expect in our lives, post-covid19.

These last 2 months have been the longest months of our lives.

We’ve been through something that has not been experienced, by anybody, in a long, long time, if at all.

Air travel has literally been banned for almost the entire world, entire countries have completely shut down, and things like Gucci bags lay abandoned, desperate to grab eyeballs while people have fought over toilet paper.

And now, it looks like the worst is finally over.

Of course, my heart goes out to everybody who’s lost a loved one, or been forced into homelessness or bankruptcy by this (beep) pandemic.

However, it does look like we’re starting to see a loosening of restrictions on people’s movements, and a reopening of countries and economies.

Standing at this juncture, it’s a question worth asking - are we going back to the way things were?


Here are 4 ways our lives will change post-covid19.

Blowing out candles on the birthday cake


It’s a time-tested tradition - blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, making a wish, and then slicing up the cake to give everybody a taste.

Why did we ever do that? Blowing out candles on birthday cakes?

There are different views on this.

Some people say it’s a practice that’s been handed down from the Ancient Greeks, who used to bake round cakes to honor Goddess Artemis (Goddess of the Moon), and the candles would simulate moonlight.

And obviously, it was safer to blow out the candles before removing them from the cake, prior to eating it.

Others say that the smoke carries the wishes of the birthday boy (or girl) to Heaven.

In any case,

Given that this virus spreads via respiratory droplets, I think we can agree that time-honoured or not, a tradition that involves eating a cake after someone (or someones) blows on it will not be followed, at least in the near future.

Possible workaround, #LifeHack

TikTok user Utulei Rachel Manu suggested a workaround consisting of placing a clear plastic container on the cake, planting the candles on the container (by burning their bases to temporarily soften them), can guess the rest.

NSFW will acquire a whole new meaning

NSFW - Not Safe For Work - as we know it, refers primarily to online content that’s inappropriate for the workplace.

However, with the workplace itself being transformed, #WorkFromHome, and one room or another at home becoming the workplace, NSFW might acquire a whole new meaning.

Watch out for your spouse/roommates, etc

Whoever you live with - a spouse, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a roommate - they may not be attuned with your work schedule.

Imagine if you’re a teacher, conducting a class via video conferencing, and your roommate saunters into the room in their underwear.

Or, your work conference is when your significant other decides to do the ‘Naked Challenge’.

Your kids gatecrash your call

Ever since Professor Robert Kelly’s interview about South Korea’s President being impeached was gatecrashed by his children, kids gatecrashing work calls has been a thing, apparently.

This could make for some ugly situations.

Say you’re a producer, discussing a new adult-themed show.

Unbeknownst to you, your kids have managed to tiptoe into the room and are standing right behind you. I have no idea how a parent should handle this situation.

Suffice it to say, an unlocked door may be NFSW, if you’re WFH and there are children in the house.

Dick Wolf might launch a new medical drama series

People in the medical profession (doctors, nurses, parademics) are being seen in a whole new light.

They’re being described as being ‘on the frontlines’, a phrase that used to mostly apply to members of the military and sometimes of police forces.

Respect for the medical profession - whether for practicing physicians or for researchers - has increased manifold.

People are starting to talk about the medical profession, about its role in society. The medical profession is enjoying a surge in attention and popularity.

So, it’s quite likely that Dick Wolf may want to expand on his medical portfolio, and start a new medical drama apart from Chicago Med, like he did with Law and Order.

Going out might become the new staying in