JUN 2023

There’s something for everyone - music lovers and non-lovers alike!

Welcome to the pulsating heart of Chicago – Lollapalooza 2023! This blog is your insider guide to the mega-music fest, from lineups and new perks to what's hot this year.

And if Lolla's not your scene, or you're scouting for alternatives while the crowds throng Grant Park, we've got you covered there too!

ICYNHOI - All about Lollapalooza Fever


Image credit - Ted Alexander Somerville / Shutterstock.com

For those of you who are new to the city or maybe just got out from under a rock, let's introduce you to Lollapalooza, the mother of all music festivals. 

ICYNHOI (In Case You've Never Heard Of It, because who doesn't love a good acronym? We're just giving ICYMI a run for its money) Fox in a Box is here to catch you up.

Picture this: Historic Grant Park filled to the brim with Chicagoans and visitors alike. 

The air vibrates with the rich bass lines of an amazing band on stage, the energy of the crowd is palpable, and everywhere you look, there's the sweet hum of adventure.

Lollapalooza 2023


The image is taken from the Lollapalooza website.

Welcome to Lollapalooza 2023, where music is more than just a playlist—it's an immersive, multi-sensory experience. 

With nine stages hosting over 170 bands from all over the globe, Lollapalooza is set to make hands wave, heads nod, and the Windy City's heart thump to the rhythm of Billie Eilish, Karol G, Kendrick Lamar, The 1975, Odesza, Tomorrow X Together, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Lana Del Ray.

This thrilling escape from the everyday sprawls across the gorgeous expanse of Grant Park set against our beautiful Chicago skyline and the shores of Lake Michigan. 

Lollapalooza is not just a music festival—it's an adventure that'll have you exploring interactive areas filled with giveaways, merch, and the most tantalizing festival food from Chow Town, featuring our beloved local restaurants.

For the full lineup, visit their website.

What’s new this year


Can you guess? Image credit - Iurii N / Shutterstock.com

This year's Lollapalooza promises some exciting additions, starting with the history-making headliners. 

The festival lineup features Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish at the top of the bill. 

And hold on to your hats because the Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to add some rock 'n roll spice to the mix, and electronic duo ODESZA is ready to send us on a sonic journey.

We're also excited about the first-ever female Latin performer to headline Lolla, Karol G, and British superstars The 1975.

Are you a K-pop fan?

Great news for the K-pop fans out there! Making their U.S. festival headlining debut is the sensational K-pop group Tomorrow X Together. 

This is a thrilling milestone for the K-pop community, not just in Chicago but across the globe!

New perks this year

In a Lolla first, VIP Ticketholders will now gain access to on-field viewing directly behind Platinum at both North and South Main Stages, replacing the former viewing decks. 

And to rev up your Lolladventure, check out the array of luxury perks and ultimate access tickets, including cabana and hotel experiences.

Ready to dive into this electrifying musical escapade? Grab your tickets today and brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime!

Lolla not your jam? Check out these thrilling Chicago activities beyond Lollapalooza

Lolla sounds great, but you’d rather get away from the bustling crowds? Looking for a break from the loudspeakers and crowd surges?

Don’t worry - we have you covered!

From wizarding escapades and enigmatic escape rooms to time-travelling museums and city-spanning trails - there’s a diverse array of captivating experiences that you can choose from!

Go on a magical adventure at Harry PotterTM: Magic at Play


Training for Quidditch! The image is taken from their website.

Dreamt of diving into the wizarding world? Your Hogwarts letter has arrived!

Unveil the magic at Harry Potter™: Magic at Play, a hands-on experience spread over three floors packed with enchanting moments from the beloved series. 

From testing your skills at Potions and Charms classes to a thrilling escapade in the Forbidden Forest, there's no shortage of spellbinding adventures for witches, wizards, and muggles of all ages.

Don't miss your chance to enjoy an iconic Butterbeer. Grab your wand and let the magic begin!

Website: Visit their website.

Bring out your inner Sherlock at Fox in a Box (that’s us!)


Trying to uncover a crucial clue!

Got a knack for unraveling mysteries? Your thrilling adventure awaits at Fox in a Box.

Offering a professional, personal, and private escape room experience, we promise an exhilarating journey for families, kids, groups, and even companies. 

With four captivating escape rooms - The Zodiac Killer, The Prison, The Bank, and The Bunker - each room is a thrilling group activity waiting to challenge your wit and problem-solving skills.

Ready to step into the shoes of a detective? Dash to our Dearborn Galleria location, and let the mystery-solving saga begin!

Website: Visit the home page.

Explore 4.6 billion years of life on Earth at the Field Museum


Image credit - Carlos Yudica / Shutterstock.com

Ever wanted to journey through time? The Field Museum is your time machine!

Fueling a voyage of discovery across eras, the Field Museum is home to nearly 40 million specimens and artifacts. 

From marveling at SUE, the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus rex, to being captivated by precious gems and ancient Egyptian relics, there's a thrilling exploration for everyone. 

Amidst safe and spacious galleries, experience the vibrant tapestry of life on Earth that spans 4.6 billion years.

Why not swap a day of music for a day of mesmerizing history? Venture to the Field Museum for a captivating blast from the past!

Website: Visit their website.

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