JUN 2023

Discover the secret to engaging and effective corporate events.

Scratching your head, wondering how to find an engaging, collaborative, and truly unique activity for your next corporate event?

Look no further, as we have you covered!

As a premier escape room venue in Chicago, we specialize in creating immersive, thrilling experiences that every single participant enjoys and that can truly refresh them from the stress of work.

If you've never heard of an escape room, it's a live-action game where teams collaborate to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape from a locked room. 

The immersive and interactive nature of the experience has made them skyrocket in popularity, and nowadays, they are a go-to option for various special occasions.

Let’s delve into this blog post and discover why escape rooms could be the transformative element you've been searching for in your corporate events.

Do escape rooms really have a unique appeal for corporate events?


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay.

An escape room game - which could be something along the lines of players having to figure out how to escape a maximum-security prison (the storyline of our prison break-themed adventure) - does sound like a thrilling activity, in general…maybe for a weekend outing with family and friends.

But does it really have a unique appeal for corporate events?

That’s what we will look into now.

The immersive and interactive nature of the experience


Unlike traditional events, where passive participation is often the norm, escape rooms demand interaction and engagement from every single participant.

Every element in the room, from the decor to the puzzles themselves, serves to transport you into a compelling narrative

Whether you're deciphering codes in a spy's bunker or masterminding a bank heist, escape rooms provide a wholly immersive experience that's hard to find elsewhere. 

This combination of story, ambience, and challenge stimulates the mind and fuels the spirit of teamwork in a fun, enjoyable way.

A level playing field

Escape rooms break away from the usual hierarchy seen in the workplace. Your job title doesn't matter. 

What's important is how well you can contribute to the collective goal of escaping the room. 

This shift creates a level playing field, which encourages employees to interact, cooperate, and value one another's inputs in a way that's not always possible in a typical work environment.

Some advantages of incorporating escape rooms into corporate events

Escape rooms are adaptable, diverse, and customizable, making them the perfect choice for corporate events of all sizes and objectives. Whether you're looking to energize a small team or captivate a large group, an escape room can offer a unique and memorable experience that’s sure to be a hit.



Whether your group is small or large, there’s an escape room for your event!

One of the biggest advantages of escape rooms is their adaptability. No matter what the size of your corporate event, there are escape room experiences tailored to fit your needs. 

Small teams can take on a single room, focusing on close-knit collaboration. And larger groups can be divided into multiple teams, fostering a sense of friendly competition as they vie to be the first to escape.

Diversity of objectives

Escape rooms offer a diverse range of experiences that can align with specific objectives

  • If you're aiming to enhance communication within your team, escape rooms can offer challenges that require precise and clear communication. 

  • If the goal is to promote innovative thinking, rooms with abstract and complex puzzles can challenge and encourage creative problem-solving, much like the brain-boosting science of puzzles.

You should contact the escape room to know your options.

Customizing the event to meet your needs


This group just wanted to have fun!

Escape room events also offer the option of customization to align with specific themes or corporate goals

Whether you want to emphasize a particular value, such as teamwork or creativity, or you're celebrating a company milestone with a corresponding theme, escape room events can be tailored to reflect these elements. 

This added layer of personalization can make the escape room experience even more relevant and meaningful for your team.

Again, get in touch with the escape room to know what they can do.

Thrilling and memorable

The thrilling challenges and immersive experiences of escape rooms can elevate your corporate event from standard to extraordinary. 

Instead of the usual activities or presentations, your employees will be talking about the codes they cracked, the clues they discovered, and the exhilarating moment when they finally unlocked the door to escape. 

This memorable experience not only makes the event more enjoyable but can also foster a stronger sense of camaraderie among your team members.

Looking to enhance team skills through your corporate event?


This group is picking up on a lot of skills as they tackle our bunker-themed escape room!

Corporate events have a unique power to shape and bolster a company's dynamic, especially when they incorporate team-building activities. 

Among these, escape rooms stand out as a fun and engaging way to refresh and retrain teams while delivering an entertaining experience.

Refreshing and retraining teams through escape room games

Every corporate event aims to leave a lasting impact, and nothing does that better than an activity that encourages team skills while having fun. 

Escape rooms are a fresh take on this concept, taking teams out of their comfort zones and transporting them into a fictional scenario where they must band together to succeed

The result? Employees come away from the event feeling energized and rejuvenated, carrying with them skills they've honed during the activity.

Promoting communication, collaboration, and leadership

In the world of escape rooms, effective communication is the key to success - just like at the workplace. They create a high-pressure yet safe environment where the team members must relay information clearly and quickly

It’s also a practical exercise in collaborative working, as every member's input is vital in solving complex puzzles.

Moreover, escape rooms often lead to the emergence of unexpected leaders. As roles aren't pre-assigned in the game, individuals naturally step up to guide the team, providing an opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills.

Stimulating creative thinking and problem-solving


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Escape games require teams to think creatively, look for non-obvious clues, and make connections where none seem to exist. 

This is an excellent practice in creative problem-solving, a skill that's immensely valuable in the modern workplace. 

The high-pressure scenario of an escape room can also mirror work situations, teaching teams how to troubleshoot effectively under stress.

Incorporating escape rooms into your corporate event

With the features and benefits (including team building skills) of including escape rooms in your corporate events covered, let's delve into the process of how you can actually do that.

Planning the event