MAR 2024

We’ve handpicked games and activities for a wide variety of occasions!

Organizing an indoor team-building event can be a challenge, especially when you're trying to find activities that are fun, engaging, and suitable for everyone involved. 

Well-chosen team building games are an excellent way to strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and rev everyone up, all within the comfort of an indoor setting. 

Whether you're planning for a small startup team, a large corporate group, or looking for something to liven up a classroom or a friendly gathering…

Browse through our carefully selected list of games and activities to discover the perfect choice to bring your group closer together and leave everyone with memorable experiences.

Indoor team building games for small groups

Indoor team building activities for small groups.

Looking for inside team building games for a small and compact group - maybe at a startup or a nonprofit?

Choose from our curated indoor activities that foster communication, problem-solving, and teamwork in small teams.


Playing charades with small group.

Charades is a timeless indoor game for team building that requires no materials but promises loads of laughter and fun. 

Players take turns acting out words or phrases without speaking while their teammates try to guess as many as possible within a set time limit. 

It's an excellent way to break the ice and encourages non-verbal communication skills, making it a perfect fit for small groups looking to bond.

Human Knot

The Human Knot is a simple yet powerful indoor group activity (especially for teens) that challenges participants to stand in a circle, grab hands with someone across from them, and untangle themselves without letting go. 

This activity highlights the importance of strategic thinking and effective communication, as each member contributes to finding the solution together.

Escape Room Challenges

A small team takes on an escape room challenge.

Escape Room Challenges (like our Chicago escape rooms) offer an immersive experience that immerses small groups into a narrative where they must solve puzzles and find clues to 'escape' within a given timeframe. 

It promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity under pressure, making it an exciting option for teams looking to test their problem-solving skills.

With varying themes and difficulty levels, escape rooms can be tailored to suit your group's interests and goals, providing a memorable adventure that strengthens bonds and enhances teamwork.


Pictionary, a classic pen and paper game for groups, involves players trying to guess words from their teammate's drawings on a piece of paper or whiteboard. 

This game fosters creativity and quick thinking, making it an ideal choice for small groups seeking a fun, light-hearted activity that encourages effective communication and interpretation skills.

Indoor team building activities for large groups

Handpicked team building activities for large groups.

Googling "indoor fun near me that can engage a huge team" - like everyone from interns to the CEO?

Such activities are designed to involve everyone in group activities indoor, promoting unity and cooperative success. 

Perfect for enhancing collaborative skills in a fun, energetic environment, these games are ideal for a corporate retreat or just spicing up the weekly meeting.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An Indoor Scavenger Hunt turns your indoor activity into an exciting adventure. 

Participants are divided into teams and given a list of items or tasks to find or complete within a set time frame. 

This game encourages crucial small business team dynamics like strategic thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

It's a great way to utilize your game space creatively, making it one of the best indoor team games.

Relay Races

Relay Races are not just for outdoor fun; they can be creatively adapted for indoor spaces, offering a dynamic way to get the team moving and laughing. 

This team game promotes teamwork, leadership, and healthy competition, making it a fantastic choice for large groups seeking an active break from the work routine.

Group Juggle


Group Juggle is a simple yet effective team building activity for large groups that involves throwing and catching balls or other small items in a specific order. 

The game starts slowly, with one ball, and gradually increases in complexity and pace as more balls are introduced. 

This activity is brilliant for improving task management and delegation, showing how effectively a team can operate when everyone is in sync.

Workplace indoor teambuilding activities


Whether it's a midday energizer for a team hitting a slump or an engaging after-work group activity, workplace games for team building are perfect for enhancing camaraderie and adding excitement to the daily grind.

Office Trivia

Office Trivia transforms mundane work details into a competitive quiz, where employees answer questions about their workplace, colleagues, or industry. 

It's a fantastic way to boost team spirit and knowledge about the company's culture and history.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a simple, quick game that requires no preparation. 

Participants share three statements about themselves - two true and one false - and others guess the lie.

It’s an excellent way for team members to learn more about each other in a fun and revealing way.

The Marshmallow Challenge


In The Marshmallow Challenge, teams compete to build the tallest freestanding structure using only spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow on top. 

It encourages creativity and problem-solving, showcasing the importance of innovative thinking and collaboration.

Desk Tower Competition

Desk Tower Competition has teams use office supplies to create the tallest possible structure. 

This game not only fosters creativity and teamwork but also adds a light-hearted challenge to repurpose everyday items in imaginative ways, testing your group’s engineering and design skills.

Silent Line-Up

Silent Line-Up challenges team members to organize themselves in order by birthday, tenure, or other criteria - without speaking. 

It’s a unique way to foster non-verbal communication and strategy, encouraging teams to find creative ways to convey information and collaborate silently (a top reason for small business team building).

Seasonal/holiday indoor team building activities


Embrace the festive spirit with seasonal indoor team building activities that celebrate the holidays while bringing colleagues closer. 

Whether it’s a Halloween bash, a Christmas gathering, or an Easter celebration, these games inject fun and holiday cheer into any team environment.

Pumpkin Relay (Halloween)

The Pumpkin Relay is a Halloween-themed game that gets teams racing while balancing pumpkins. 

It’s a hilarious way to incorporate the spirit of October festivities into your team building, promoting cooperation and a bit of healthy competition.

Secret Santa (Christmas)


Secret Santa is an all-time favorite Christmas tradition that doubles as a fantastic indoor team building activity. 

Participants anonymously exchange gifts, fostering a sense of mystery and anticipation. 

This game is perfect for enhancing team bonding and spreading holiday joy, encouraging thoughtful gestures and appreciation among team members.

Egg Drop Challenge (Easter)

The Egg Drop Challenge can be an engaging Easter group activity where teams design protective structures to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a height.

It encourages innovation and problem-solving, making it an egg-citing way to celebrate Easter while testing your team’s creativity and engineering skills.

Guess where this game finds a mention - MSI, of all places!

Indoor team building games without materials


In a last-minute meeting scenario where the agenda suddenly includes team building? 

Looking for a quick activity to engage your students without the hassle of setting up equipment?

Here are indoor teambuilding activities without materials, perfect for impromptu sessions.

Human Shapes

Human Shapes is an imaginative game where teams work together to form letters or shapes with their bodies. 

It's a great way to encourage creativity and collaboration, as each member's contribution is crucial to the overall picture. 

This activity is perfect for fostering unity and a sense of achievement in teams, especially when space and resources are limited.

Blind Drawing

In Blind Drawing, one team member describes an object without naming it, while another tries to draw it based only on the description. 

This simple yet challenging game enhances communication skills and promotes trust, as team members rely solely on verbal instructions.

Memory Chain